What are the various methods of receiving my bills?

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We provide our members the convenience of receiving their invoices in the following methods:
•    By Email
With invoices sent via email, our members have the choice of either saving their invoice as a softcopy or printing it out as a hard copy,  Besides, you will receive your invoices in two different formats ie. pdf file and csv file which allows you to sort your call details according to your preference using MS Excel application.
•    By Website Display
You may also view your past two months’ invoices as well as your current invoice in your
ZONE account anytime by logging in to your web account. 
1.    Go to our website at http://www.zonetel.com.sg.
2.    Login at the "Members Login Here". 
3.    Click "Call Details" at the side
4.    Select the period you wish to review from the drop-down box.
Promotional discounts and credits (if any) will appear only in your monthly statement.
•    By Post
Should you wish to receive your invoices via snail mail, we could also arrange for a hard copy to be mailed to your address.  However, there would be an administrative charge of $5 as stated in our Terms and Conditions.