What are the payment methods acceptable?

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•    By Credit Card or GIRO
All invoices will be sent via email to you in advance.  Please examine your invoice immediately.  If there is no discrepancy reported, your payment will then be deducted from your credit card or GIRO account five (5) days from the invoice date.
•    By Cheque
Please indicate your full name, membership number and telephone number on the reverse side of your cheque and mail it to the following address:  
ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd
51 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 308900
•    By vPost
You need to be a vPost member to use this facility.  You may sign up at http://www.vpost.com.sg.
o    GIRO on demand
A GIRO form is required to be submitted for new members of vPost.  No further documents are required if customers are existing members and have already submitted GIRO form before.  Customers can either choose to effect the payment immediately or a future payment date.
o    Credit Card
    Only Singapore-issued Visa credit card is accepted.
For more information about vPost on-line transactions, please visit this website: https://www.vpost.com.sg/helpdesk/faq.html# 
•    At SingPost Branch Office
You may choose the following method to make payment over the counter at any of the SingPost Branches.
•    Cheques (All cheques should be made payable to “Singapore Post Ltd”)
•    Cash or Cash Card
•    NETS
A minimum payment amount of S$2.00 and above will be accepted by all the payment modes.  
Customers should bring their invoice for ease of processing.  A receipt with the member number and amount paid will be given to customer.  Customer’s payment will only be updated on the following working day.
•    At 7-Eleven Store
You may make payment at all the 7-Eleven outlets island wide except for the following:
•    Singapore Indoor Stadium
•    Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 & 2 
7-Eleven is able to accept the following mode of payment:  Please bring along a copy of your invoice for ease of reference.  
•    Cash Card
•    NETS
•    Cash 
Please allow at least one (1) working day for the payment to be credited to your account.
•    At S.A.M.™ (Self-Service Automated Machine)
S.A.M.™ (Self-Service Automated Machine) is the 24-hour payment booth that's easy to use and it is always there for you! 
1.    At the main menu, press “Pay Bills” button.
2.    Select Service Provider “ZONE Telecom”.
3.    Key in full Membership Number, payable amount and touch “OK” to proceed.
4.    Touch on Nets to transact your bills and key in your password.
5.    Upon successful payment, a receipt will be printed from the S.A.M. 
•    At AXS Stations
AXS Stations are widely available island wide.  So visit any AXS Station (including D-Pay enabled AXS Station) now and follow the step-by-step bill payment process as outline below:
1.    Select “Bills” on the right to start.
2.    Select the category of the bill you will be making payment to.
3.    Select the respective billing organization you will be making payment to.
4.    Select the method to retrieve your billing account (eg. manual entry, scan barcode or insert credit card) and enter the necessary payment information.
5.    Check and confirm your payment details.
6.    Select “Proceed to Pay” to make payment.
7.    At the Payment Summary Screen, check and confirm the bill payment details.  Follow the on-screen instruction to complete your payment process..
8.    Upon successful payment, a receipt will be printed from the AXS machine. 
•    At iNETS Kiosk
You can now make payment at any of the iNETS Kiosks conveniently located island wide. 
1.    Select “Bill Payment”.
2.    Select “ZONE1511”.
3.    Select the method to retrieve your billing account (eg. scan barcode or manual entry). 
4.    Enter necessary payment amount and press “Next” button.
5.    Check and press “Proceed to Pay” button to confirm your payment details. 
6.    At the Payment Summary Screen, 
•    select one of the following payment methods:
-    NETS
-    NETS FlashPay
-    NETS Credit Card 
•    check and confirm the bill payment details.  
•    follow the on-screen instruction to complete your payment process
-    Insert NETS bank card
-    Select Account Type (eg. Savings or Current) 
-    Enter PIN and allow it to process
-    Upon successful payment, a receipt will be printed from the iNETS machine
-    You may also request for eReceipt by keying in your email address