What documents are required to register for 123FREE service plan?

ZONE Telecom > Consumer > 123FREE
Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an electronic Welcome Letter from ZONE1511 on your computer screen.   
Print out the service application form and GIRO application form (if you are paying by GIRO).
Once you have verified the details are correct, sign on the form(s) and return it to us together with a clear photocopy of your NRIC/FIN Card (front & back copy).
Please fax the completed forms to us at Fax: 6222 1511 or mail to:
ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd
51 Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 308900
•    An authorised signature is required in both signature columns if the credit cardholder is different from the applicant.
•    The original copy of the GIRO application form must be submitted to ZONE Telecom by post for processing by your bank.
GIRO approval by your bank may take 2 to 3 weeks.