How do I change, add or delete my Telephone PINs?

ZONE Telecom > General > Changes & Modifications
To change, add or delete telephone PINs
1.    Go to our website at
2.    Login at the "Members Login Here". 
3.    Under Account Details, click on Manage Telephone Pins. 
4.    Select your Account.
5.    Change Status/Action to delete/suspend existing Pin or Click on Add PINs to register new Pin.
6.    Click Submit to save the changes.
•    If you have more than one account, you will also see a listing of all the accounts you have currently registered with ZONE1511.
•    Once you have registered a Telephone PIN for an account, all users using the account's registered numbers will be required to use their assigned PINs. 
•    Telephone PINs do not work on fax machines.
•    Once you delete a PIN, you cannot use that PIN again within that account.